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Manage my support analysts

Today's Service Desk is required to manage a plethora of requests, ranging from general customer enquiries, raising an incident, investigating and solving a difficult problem, to checking on the progress of a change request and giving a customer an update.

Support analysts also have to be knowledgeable about what services are available and the underpinning IT Infrastructure. Managing this resource is challenging, whether you are managing a team of 5, 50 or even 100 analysts.

Marval MSM provides a range of features and functions to assist you in effectively maximising the investment in your team, their workload planning and scheduling:

  • Automatic assignment to the right person or team, based on their current workloads
  • Identification of staff with the right skills set and their availability status
  • Reporting on workload estimates versus actual time spent
  • Using the MSM skills matrix to identify skills gaps and areas for improvement
  • Using MSM team performance and SLA results to help make decisions on staffing levels to grow your business
  • Getting useful insights to improve your business with easy-to-use reports, dashboards and trends
  • Measuring employee satisfaction to increase motivation and retention
  • Graphical dashboards highlighting possible service breaches to be addressed before agreements are breached
  • Bulk transfer of requests to other teams or individuals

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